Hey! My name is Xiao Jiang. I am a multidiscipline visual designer with over 5 years of experience in UI/UX design, graphic design and branding strategy.
I am also a multimedia artist, experienced in designing projections for stages, VJing for music, and creating interactive installations. 









“Chaos” is one of the legendary creatures of ancient China, one of The Four Perils, Hundun. It has body like a dog, long fur, with four feet, like a bear but with no paws, have eyes but can't see, can't walk, have ears but can hear. Can understand the human beings. Have a straight intestine. A creature as such never had realistic documentation, all the images are based on a different understanding, so there is a lot of space for my recreation.

The form itself is simple and abstract, aways from a common "monster" image, I would like to go with a modern, abstract, and playful twist. Inspired by some toys I found online, I want to create a "put together" kind of experience, so joints and moving parts are essential.