Hey! My name is Xiao Jiang. I am a multidiscipline visual designer with over 5 years of experience in UI/UX design, graphic design and branding strategy.
I am also a multimedia artist, experienced in designing projections for stages, VJing for music, and creating interactive installations. 









Kelin Guang - kg2485@nyu.edu
Xiaoyu (Rockey) Ke - xk281@nyu.edu
Mozzarella aims to serve as a creative break for interactive ambient music composition.

Mozzarella is an interactive music project that by moving, patting, and hitting the ballon in the space, allows the audience to experience the change of musical composition. When the balloon sits still at the beginning of the experience, drone music will be playing, if no interaction with the ballon takes place, nothing will be triggered, and the drone music will be looping. When the audience starts to gently move the ballon, a mild movement will be detected, then a new soundtrack will be added on top of the drone music as a chord, if movements continue to accumulate, the initial drone music will start to fade. When the audience pats or hit the ballon, a significant movement will be detected as a shake, a drumbeat will be added to the composition, if the shake continues, more drum tracks will be added to the composition, while the previous ones will not fade.

The relative position of the ballon in the space will reflect on the panning of music, but this is something we want the audience to figure out by playing with the ballon.