Hey! My name is Xiao Jiang. I am a multidiscipline visual designer with over 5 years of experience in UI/UX design, graphic design and branding strategy.
I am also a multimedia artist, experienced in designing projections for stages, VJing for music, and creating interactive installations. 









Muse(EEG) Headband
I yield all my rights is a interactive performance to discuss the relationship inbetween human interactions psysically and mentally. 

  • Empty room, lights on, one large monitor, the performer will be wearing a brain detective device and hiding behind the curtains
  • Participants will be walking into an empty space with one monitor in the middle, instruction for them to explore the space according to their gut, physically and verbally.
  • The experience starts with a long poem/music playing in the background and stops when the poem/music stops.

  • The human body is a vehicle for information. When we open our eyes, we see, when we open our ears, we hear, when we open our minds, we feel. A lovely bird singing in an early morning does not know she is disturbing a sweet dream, an innocent piece of word does not know it kills a person intangibly.
  • Your movement is not confined by all means, nothing is permitted. There is no regulation. The space, the people, the rule, the time, the mind, nothing constrains you. Move your body, your voice, your thought, and your heart. You are a free individual.
  • Ignore me or witness me.
  • Intruders, please start.